Alain Berset on criticism of the BAG – “A mistake can always happen”


After the massive criticism of the Federal Office of Public Health, Federal Councilor Alain Berset comments for the first time.

“The numbers don’t explode, that’s something”: Alain Berset.

Video: Aline Bavier

Health Minister Alain Berset himself drives his packed family car. He comes directly from what he calls the “Holiday Office” in Ticino, where he and his family spent some time between vacation and crisis management. Berset is now on his way home in the canton of Friborg. He makes a detour specifically via Zurich, where this newspaper meets him for an interview.

The interview was scheduled at very short notice on the day on which the Swiss press covered Berset’s Federal Office of Public Health (BAG) across the board with severe criticism. The headlines are devastating: “Federal Office for Missteps” (NZZ), «Plaits, Bad luck and BAG» (Look) or «The BAG endangers the protective measures» (in this newspaper).

This criticism, says Berset now, is “a bit tough for an office that has worked so much that has given so much in the past few months”. The BAG received thousands of inquiries every day. There could be a mistake. It is important that these are corrected immediately, which happened in the current case, says Berset.

In addition, the SP Federal Council comments on the second corona wave in a video interview and how long it will take before we can finally shake hands again.

How Berset counters the criticism of the BAG in terms of content and where he currently sees the problems can be read later on this site in a detailed interview with Federal Councilor Alain Berset.This expresses itself the health minister also on the question of whether the ban on major events will end at the end of August. Whether the second corona wave can still be prevented at all. And whether his six colleagues from the Federal Council installed the Swiss Covid app.

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