Algeria: death of musician composer Said Bouchelouche


Algiers – The musician, composer and arranger, Said Bouchelouche died on Saturday evening in Algiers, at the age of 45, following a long illness, his relatives announced on social networks.

Very young already when he had integrated the Algerian Muslim Scouts, he began to be interested in music, and learned on his own, as an autodidact to play the piano, a basic instrument in composition, showing great musicality and a keen sense of melody.

Having provided several arrangements for the credits of soap operas and worked with renowned musicians, like Noubli Fadhel, Said Bouchelouche quickly gained unanimity to become, during the years 1990-2000, the essential composer of television series, as well as theater and the new variety stage.

Among the works through which he had distinguished himself in the field of song, several titles made with among other singers, Cheb Sid Ahmed El Harrachi, Allaoua, Japanese Kader, Cheb Khaled, Rachid Kosayla, Djalil Palermo, his albums, ” Trend 1 and 2 ”, and recently a children’s song celebrating National Children’s Day.

On the television side, he notably distinguished himself with generic music which contributed to the success and success of several soap operas including, “Errabie el aswad” (2006), “El Imtihane

Es’Saab ”(2007),“ Kouloub fi sirae ”(2008), for which the deceased was distinguished in 2009 during the 6th“ Nuit des Fennecs d’Or ”, and“ Eddikra ​​el Akhira ”(2010).

Said Bouchelouche will be buried Sunday afternoon in Algiers, in the Baba Hassen cemetery.

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