Amadeus at work for Soliti Ignoti and Sanremo 2021. The latest news


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Sanremo 2021, Amadeus at work for the 71st Italian song festival: the latest news

It will be a Sanremo Festival different from the usual one that will air in 2021, one month later than the other years, therefore at the beginning of March, due to the difficulties due to the pandemic. Amadeus, However, it has already been at work for some time, thanks to the success achieved with the 2020 edition, one of the most followed ever. To precede the ‘classic’ week of Sanremo 2021 will be, as has long been known, five second evenings entitled AmaSanremo, dedicated to the selection of young people, broadcast from 29 October to 26 November, pending the final on 17 December, on air instead in prime time. Only 6 young artists, in the end, will arrive at Ariston to content themselves with the victory of the New Proposals category Sanremo Festival 2021.

Soliti Ignoti: Amadeus at work for the next edition, on air from September

Besides Sanremo, Amadeus (on which a well-known journalist in recent days made a revelation) between holidays and work is currently also dedicating himself to the preparation of new edition of Soliti Ignoti-The return, quiz that in recent months has obtained very high ratings even in the period in which, due to the Coronavirus emergency, it was aired in rerun.

The coming year: what will the 2020 edition be like, broadcast on December 31st with the conduct of Amadeus?

Not much is known, however, about next edition of The year to come, that Amadeus it should lead as per tradition. It is very likely, however, that the show reflects a bit the style of the concert on May 1st conducted by Ambra Angiolini, given the impossibility of having a very crowded square …

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