an augmented reality head-up display unveiled (video)


Mercedes-Benz has revealed that its sedan slated for 2021, the S-Class W223, will be equipped with an augmented reality-based head-up display system that is fully projected onto the car’s windshield. Video !

To implement this technology, Mercedes Benz uses a digital mirror device developed by the Texas Instruments Company. The mirror allows a resolution of 1.3 Mpx and projects on an ATH, with horizontal aperture of 10˚ and vertical of 5˚, the virtual image appearing at a distance of 10 meters. The information is not just displayed on the windshield, but on the road through the windshield in front of the driver. A major development which will facilitate driving in the most difficult areas.

The company’s MBUX system is capable of providing information such as the distance a car is ahead, showing the direction to take, and even alerting if the vehicle is too close to the side of the road. It will also display important notifications from your smartphone. All this information is collected by a multitude of sensors integrated into the vehicle.

A large touch screen in portrait format will be at the center of the new MBUX system. And while Mercedes has not (yet) revealed the size of the screen or what functions will be integrated into it, it looks like functions like the climate control will be controlled by the central touchscreen. Mercedes-Benz also plans to add autonomous driving features to its electric cars through updates.

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