Anna Tatangelo, Gigi D’Alessio sings the song that made them fall in love and she shines on Instagram


Gigi D’Alessio its Instagram sings A new kiss, the song that made him fall in love with Anna Tatangelo and that tells, more than any other song, their love. The Neapolitan artist chose the single – modifying it a bit – to wish fans a happy mid-August. A gesture that has taken many back in time. It was 2002 when the music brought the two artists to collaborate, between one rehearsal and another a relationship lasting over ten years would then be born.

It was 2006 when Tooth he announced to the world that he fell in love with his colleague. A love story that lasted until 2017 when a crisis forced the two to separate. Then the flashback, overwhelming, and finally the final farewell. Today D’Alessio and Tatangelo they no longer form a couple, but are nevertheless linked by love for son Andrea.

“It was hard, but we will always be there for each other – he confessed the singer to Corriere della Sera -. I am the age of awareness. I have had satisfactions and disappointments. I am very grateful for life, and now I want to enjoy it more and smile more. To try to please everyone, Anna was never there. Always the others first. I changed my life, musical tastes and my hair is the sign of change. I’m a new person, who went through a storm, and then found the sun. I have a new lightness, but with solid foundations ”.

Despite the farewell, the two remained friends. “Gigi is an important pillar of my life and will always remain so. He is the father of my son – clarified the Tatangelo -. We have maintained a beautiful relationship: I will always be there for him and he will always be there for me. That’s right. We have given ourselves a lot over the years, this cannot be forgotten. Indeed this must be said and recognized ”.

Meanwhile, the two artists enjoy their holidays far from each other. Gigi D’Alessio she is at the seaside with her family, while Tatangelo is enjoying the affection of her parents and closest friends. The singer on Instagram appears serene: archived the pains of love shows off a physique sculpted by the gym and diet, including breathtaking bikinis and dives in the pool.

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