Anthem’s overhaul unveils its new loot system


BioWare reported on the Anthem overhaul and introduced the new loot acquisition system.

Following a painful launch, Bioware decided last February to initiate an overhaul of Anthem before making an initial inventory a few months later. Today this Anthem 2.0 gives his news and presents his loot system often criticized by players.

When the Anthem redesign launched, the frequency and effectiveness of drops will be improved, allowing to have more chances to obtain rare and powerful weapons that we can modify later.

It will also be possible to see the rewards of each quest in advance, to buy loot from a specialized supplier, but also to” eliminate rare enemies that will bring down a shower of equipment once defeated. BioWare also promises improved loot accessibility and readability, in particular with statistics finally detailed and accessible at any time, or the possibility of directly equipping a weapon on the ground.

On another note, the developers claim to have improved feelings of combat and clashes as well as the reactivity of enemies which should be more instantaneous. More information on the refonte d’Anthem are expected soon.

Today’s matches live

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