August begins with 456 infections by Covid-19 in Yucatan


MÉRIDA.- This Saturday, August 1, the health authorities reported 211 new infectionsFurthermore, due to an update attributable to the federal platform that carries the national registry, today they are also reported 245 more cases, which are cases lagging behind in their registration by that federal platform.

With this accumulated there are 456 new cases.

They also confirmed 32 unfortunate deaths from Covid-19 in Yucatan.

The colonies of Merida with the most infections

(cases diagnosed in the last 14 days)

Specifically, in Merida 5,412 people have been diagnosed with Coronavirus (cases accumulated as of July 31), who live in:

1,312 in the North zone
1,498 in the East zone
553 in the downtown area
888 in la zona Sur
1,161 in the west zone

Municipalities of Yucatan with the highest number of infected people

289 in Merida,

28 in Valladolid,

16 in Ticul,

14 in Rio Lagartos,

11 in Tizimin,

10 in Tekax and Temozon,

9 in Uman,

7 in Peto,

6 in San Felipe,

5 in Progress,

4 in Tunkas,

3 in Cacalchen, Izamal and Santa Elena,

2 in Chumayel, Dzan, Espita, Kanasin, Maxcanu, Seye, Teabo, Tzucacab and Yaxcaba, and

1 in Acanceh, Bokoba, Chankom, Chapab, Chemax, Chichimila, Conkal, Cuzama, Halacho, Hocaba, Huhi, Kinchil, Motul, Muna, Samahil, Tekit, Tetiz, Timucuy and Tixkokob, and

1 foreign.

In total, they are already 10,223 positive cases, 115 of which are from another country or another state.

Data on those killed by Covid-19 in Yucatan

  • Male 82 years of Motul DM
  • 72-year-old female from Merida DM / HAS
  • Male 79 years of Merida No comorbidities
  • 59 year old male from Uman IRC
  • Male 48 years of Valladolid Heart disease
  • Male 76 years from Merida HAS / Obesity / Cardiovascular disease
  • Female 61 years of Campeche Obesity
  • Male 67 years of Ticul DM / HAS
  • Male 69 years of Tinum DM / HAS
  • Female 32 years of Temozon HAS
  • 81 year old female from Valladolid HAS
  • Male 54 years of Temozon HAS
  • 94 year old female from Valladolid HAS
  • Male 60 years old from Uman DM
  • Male 67 years old from Uman DM / HAS
  • Male 58 years of Halacho DM / HAS / IRC
  • 74 year old female from Merida HAS
  • Male 72 years from Merida No comorbidities
  • 71 year old male from Timucuy No comorbidities
  • Female 70 years of Merida DM / HAS
  • Male 72 years from Merida No comorbidities
  • 75-year-old female from Dzilam Gonzalez DM / Obesity
  • 69-year-old female from Tixkokob Obesity / Liver failure
  • Male 63 years of Merida DM
  • 44-year-old male from Tekax No comorbidities
  • 61-year-old male from Conkal HAS / Cardiovascular disease
  • 79 year old female from Merida DM
  • Male 58 years from Merida HAS
  • Male 85 years of Merida HAS
  • Male 75 years of Sinanche COPD
  • Male 66 years of Halacho HAS
  • Male 87 years of Maxcanu No comorbidities

In total they are 1,193 deceased because of the Coronavirus.

681 are stable, isolated, constantly monitored by SSY medical personnel; have mild symptoms

604 of the confirmed cases are hospitalized and in total isolation. There are other hospitalized patients awaiting diagnosis.

The age range of confirmed cases is from 1 month to 98 years.

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Communication channels

  • In the 800 YUCATAN telephone line (800 982 2826) It is attended in Spanish and Mayan and is for the exclusive use of people with symptoms of Covid 19.
  • At website Information is also provided in Mayan and Spanish.
  • The chat of WhatsApp on the number 999 200 8489 In Spanish and 9991 40 66 22 in the Mayan language, it offers an automated diagnosis and, if necessary, contact the authorities and attend to the symptoms of Coronavirus.
  • The Health Chat, via the Facebook social network.
  • The application Meditoc It is designed for the sole and exclusive use of those who have symptoms of Coronavirus. It is free and available for download in the Apple Store, for iPhone phones and iPad tablets, and in the Play Store, for devices with Android operating system.

Preventive measures

They also reiterated that among the basic prevention measures are frequent hand washing using soap and water or 70% alcohol-based gel solutions; When sneezing or coughing, it is important to cover your nose or mouth with a disposable tissue or the inner corner of the arm; and in case of being sick, do not leave home. Similarly, avoid direct contact with people who have cold or flu symptoms and do not self-medicate.

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