Beaver babies keep mom beavers busy


Offspring in marzili-bau

There were offspring in the beaver house in Bern’s Marzili. The little beavers hardly leave their mom a quiet minute.

Three little beavers were born at the Marzili.

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  • The area around the Marzilibad in Bern has been inhabited by beavers since 2012.

  • Their ancestors had escaped from the zoo during the 1999/2000 flood.

  • The animals now have offspring: three beaver babies have seen the light of day.

News from the beaver building at the Marzili: There were offspring – and not too short: Three small rodents were born there, as the city of Bern announced on Instagram on Tuesday. The young animals are currently putting a lot of strain on their mother’s nerves: As can be seen on the video, they hardly allow the beaver mum a quiet minute.

But you won’t get to see the small rodents that quickly: “Beaver babies are initially afraid of water and don’t yet dare to venture out of the artificial beaver castle,” writes the city of Bern in the Insta Post. The beaver babies would have to learn the aare swarm the hard way: “When the time is right, the parents simply throw them into the water until they get used to swimming.”

Her relatives broke out of the zoo

The area around the Marzilibad has been inhabited by beavers for a good eight years. These descend from a group that managed to break out of the zoo during the major floods in 1999 and 2000. Some then settled at the Bueberseeli in the lower part of the Marzilis. When this had to be renovated in 2019, the beaver building also had to go. For example, the Biber family set up a replacement building near the Aare embankment. Among other things, this is equipped with a camera.

The beavers accepted the replacement building and have lived there ever since.

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