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The developers of the popular multiplayer RPG Anthem, Bioware, brought great news to the players. Expect some major changes in the game which is still ongoing. In February of this year, the developers said they wanted to reinvent the core gameplay by reworking it, and now it looks like they’ve made some pretty big progress with Anthem. Bioware will gradually unveil the progress to players and the first major update is to the game’s loot and gear system.

Bioware Studio Director Christian Dailey describes the changes in the recent blog post on the official Bioware website. So, without further ado, let’s go!

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Bioware’s work on the improved loot and gear system in Anthem

The developers have been working to make the loot experience better and easier with the game overhaul. Remember, it’s still in the works.

First of all, the devs have gone to great lengths to make the loot experience shorter. A major step they intend to take in this direction is to increase the frequency of loot drops in the game and to optimize the occurrence of exceptional items in the loot pool.

They’ve also worked on streamlining the objectives in this aspect by giving players the choice to pursue a specific type of loot, with specialist vendors, unique loot tables, and quests. In addition, you will now also be able to modify the loot. You can restart registrations and increase the level of items. Additionally, the developers plan to have killing rare enemies earn you a whole bunch of loot.

Managing the equipment system: changes to be expected

In terms of loot and gear management, the developers plan to have items ready to reveal and equip immediately. In addition to this, the Equipment Sheet will be revamped to also include detailed stats. The developers also plan to make the Equipment Sheet accessible from anywhere.

A rather interesting equipment review is that now items will have a “budget entry” based on their rarity and potency. Additionally, Exceptional Items will now grant the exact types of bonuses the player wants. Using advanced telemetry data to help them recognize trends, developers will make the necessary balance changes as a result.

As Anthem continues to work on making the game a better experience, fans have given a fairly good response to announcements regarding the redesign. So much so that Dailey kept posting a tweet about it!

The developers are working hard to make these changes without compromising the essence of the game. And it’s hard work, given that the goal of the changes is to reinvent the core gameplay. Well, we know we speak for all of you when we say we can’t wait to see how the reworked version of Anthem turns out!

Source: Bioware official blog.

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