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No need to pop the champagne when Bitcoin (BTC) has reached 20,000 USD: BTC can do better! And the fall of August 2, 2020, you say? Okay, a simple formality before a new historic ATH, if we are to believe this cryptophile and the behavior of investors in the face of this flash crash.

The 20,000 USD: a simple walk for Bitcoin

The founder of Heisenberg Capital and one of the first investors of the Bitcoin Kraken buying platform, Max Keiser, estimates that $ 20,000 will not be the next level of resistance for Bitcoin.

According to him, the next threshold would be well above the historic ATH of Bitcoin, at the level of 28,000 USD.

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The last few days have been marked by the most significant increase in the prices of Bitcoin during this year 2020, Bitcoin increased from $ 9,200 to $ 12,000.

Keiser has constantly reaffirmed its position on the medium-term trend of the price of BTC : The passage to the level of 28,000 USD will be marked by a brief downward cycle, before an increase to 100,000 USD.

Tremor on the markets, the zen of investors de Bitcoin

August 2, 2020, Bitcoin suffered a major fall; its price rose from 12,000 USD to 10,500 USD in less than 15 minutes, causing the liquidation of derivative contracts of nearly a billion dollars in the markets.

However, the majority of investors do not seem to be affected by this sudden shock: the trader Scott Merker said several signals point to the existence of bearish divergences and, that the market should rebalance after an excessive rise.

Investors remain positive about medium-term trends, considering that factors such as the depreciation of the US dollar and increased liquidity will help to reinforce the price increase.

On the other hand, opinions differ on the short-term trend, with some predicting low price volatility in the Bitcoin and theEther (ETH), while others contemplate the opposite scenario.


We jump from 12,000 USD, to 28,000 USD and then, we land directly at 100,000 USD: you shouldn’t dream either. Bitcoin is great, but it’s not magic! These optimistic scenarios of a Bitcoin hitting a new ATH and a 6-digit BTC are likely to come true, but we will have to give time to time – advice to extremist optimists, overly enthusiastic Bitcoiners and skeptics preparing to spit their venom.

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