Black Desert Mobile: ‘Path to Glory’ content has arrived!


Pearl Abyss announces that Black Desert Mobile will today receive a new feature called Path of Glory. This Tower Defense game mode will help adventurers gain experience and improve all classes in the family. Additionally, Land of Courage content is making a welcome return this week.

In the Path to Glory, the adventurers are tasked with protecting the door of a castle against an onslaught of enemies whose strength and number increase with each wave. Players can choose up to six classes from their family character roster and must balance their team as different skills are required at each difficulty level. Those who successfully complete this challenge are rewarded with an emblem which, when used, grants combat and defense points to all characters in a family.

One of the favorite modes of Black Desert Mobile returns this week with the Land of Courage, which will feature a new battleground called Highland. Here, groups of up to 5 players can take part in 30-minute battles against a wide range of monsters.

Today’s matches live

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