Briefing of the Minister of the Interior Jan Hamaček


However, it is probable that, in addition to the method of elections, the Czech Republic’s assistance to the damaged Beirut will also be a topic. Hamaček had already announced in the morning that a rescue team would be flying to Lebanon in the afternoon.

When it comes to elections, politicians should decide on a total of four alternatives. Parliamentary parties have already rejected the possibility of introducing election proxies, with reservations agreeing to vote from the car at drive-in stations, the establishment of special constituencies in closed homes for the elderly and exit commissions equipped with protective equipment.

They should also discuss increasing remuneration for election commissioners. According to Deputy Minister Petr Mlsna, he counts the interior in the field with the help of soldiers.

One week ago, the parties agreed that changes in electoral practice will only affect the October Senate and regional elections, and new voting options will only be available to those sent to the quarantine by a doctor or hygienist.

The Ministry of the Interior plans to submit the legislative form of the changes to the government on 17 August. Parliament should approve them by the end of August so that commissioners can be trained in September.

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