By covid traffic light, Sheinbaum there are differences with Lopez-Gatell


The Head of Government, Claudia Sheinbaum, acknowledged that she had differences with the federal government, due to the epidemiological traffic light, since she assured that the Ministry of Health (Ssa), proposed to return to the color red; Although the capital’s president decided to keep staying orange.

“You can always have differences, the Ministry of Health has made it very clear what the traffic light system is to know if it is red, orange, yellow or green; then the Ssa sent the proposal to all the states of what traffic light they had to be in, and in effect Mexico City was put on a red light, “he said.

Likewise, he explained that he did not agree to return to the red light, because the pandemic is “contained” in the country’s capital; and that, in any case, there is enough time to establish hospitalizations, if the cases continue to increase.

“Immediately we contacted the Undersecretary of Health and we asked him because we considered that we should not have to return to the Red Light, which is containing the pandemic in the city,” he added.

Together, he declared that the Undersecretary for Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo Lopez-Gatell, has done a good job, and despite the fact that there may be differences, it offers its full support.

“Then there are differences, yes, yes, there are differences, but that does not have to translate into asking for the resignation of an undersecretary, but simply in a dialogue and in a coordinated work of something that has been very complex, which is the covid pandemic around the world, “he added.

The number of people hospitalized by covid-19 in CdMx continues to drop

On the other hand, Sheinbaum Pardo, announced that, from yesterday to today, hospitalizations for covid-19 fell again in the country’s capital and in the Metropolitan Zone of the Valley of Mexico; and assured that, despite the fact that they go two days in a row from hospital discharge, they should not be trusted, since a trend must be generated for at least one week.

“Today, hospitalizations fell again in the Metropolitan Area and in Mexico City; Then he tells us that, of course, as I always say, it is very difficult from one day to the next to know, it has to be reflected in a trend, “he said.

How can CdMx pass the yellow traffic light?

When questioned about how Mexico City could pass the yellow light, the head of government revealed that, should decrease the number of positivity in the covid-19 tests that are made in the colonies of the capital.

“What does that mean? that today we have 100 tests that are done, 25 people come out positive. So what we want is that out of 100 tests that are done, we get to 20, to 15, to 10, in such a way that it decreases, ”he replied.

Finally, he added that the number of hospitalized people and the number of deaths must also decrease, although he stated that not only does this depend on the change in the color of the traffic light, since he said that the number of positive tests is equally important.


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