Camila Fernandez surprised all of Mexico and, after an express courtship, married this Saturday with Francisco Barba


Camila Fernandez and Francisco Barbas wedding

Camila Fernandez Guinart and Francisco Barba Casillas I know This Saturday, August 1, they became husband and wife, after a wedding that took the country by surprise. After nine months of dating, the young people took the most serious step in their relationship.

In a video captured by the cameras of the show program Tell me what you know, It can see the very smiling singer, getting out of a car in a strapless wedding dress, and a veil that was accompanied by a tiara. For its part, the same media reported that the groom came on horseback, since it is from a family of charros.

At the entrance of the Parish of San Martin de Porres in Guadalajara, in the state of Jalisco, Camila was received by her dad. Alejandro Fernandez, who was charro dress, and it was he who delivered the bride to the altar.

In this same video you can see several assistants wearing face masks, but neither father nor daughter had this piece of protection on.

Ventaneando obtained the premarital warnings (Photo: Screenshot Ventaneando)

Despite the fact that the singer is very jealous of her private life, she did tell the “Ventaneando” cameras how happy the 28-year-old makes her. In an exclusive interview with the show TV Azteca, the 22-year-old girl explained that her courtship had her very excited, since it is her first serious relationship.

I am very in love, it is something very special. It is the first serious relationship I have, it is very beautiful and very honest. I had never had to feel something so beautiful. He is there for me, he is a very good person who touched me, thank God I coincided (with him) in this life and yes, I love him very much, “he revealed.

We have only three months of boyfriends, and if God wants, I think we will last longer.s, ”Camila said in early 2020.

The interpreter also confessed that it was her friends who organized a meal for them to meet, which was uncomfortable for the two at first. However, during this they left realizing that they had many things in common and even personal relationships.

At the beginning of the year the singer did not think about getting married (Photo: File)
At the beginning of the year the singer did not think about getting married (Photo: File)

“It turned out that We have a lot of friends in common, life in common, the one that makes the sound to my dad, who is her lifelong friend, is her relative too. The person he is, who from day one I met him, completely captivated me, “he explained.

He added that both his physique and his way of being conquered him, since she describes him as a good person. In addition, he said that he had already presented it to his father since they started dating. “Since we started dating, my dad met him and they liked each other, which is good,” he added.

The singer had said she would focus on her career (Photo: File)
The singer had said she would focus on her career (Photo: File)

I’m fine, we’re still 22 years old. I don’t see myself married in a house, with a child in my arms. I want to work until I get what I can and it is necessary to obtain my independence and to continue moving forward. Having a family, and all that, all in time“Ended.

Although it is not known what happened in the last months, it has probably had to do with the pandemic and all the consequences that it brought. For even she herself assured Infobae Mexico, that the world problem would serve as a watershed.


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