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Prague echy krsn, echy m, recorded a nainec and went to the domestic monuments in the crowds. According to data from July, the interest in castles and monuments was managed by the National Monument State (NP) during the first holiday month in the last years.

1.3 million people arrived on their walls and chambers, ie not more than 100,000 more than last year. The loss of spring, when the memories had to close for two months due to the risk of coronavirus and unlocked the city as usual in April and at the end of May, the bag and the dog are probably catching up. The decline in income from the beginning of the year to the end of July NP to 134 million crowns.


Due to the pandemic, there would be a significant decrease in tourists from abroad, in terms of visibility, we will close in July, said the director of the National Park Naa Goryczkov. According to them, the assumption has been fulfilled that the people will prefer a holiday in the Czech Republic due to fears of uncertainty around the covid.

Her words were confirmed for by Tom Wizovsk. In July, national records fell in terms of the sweat of the people in one day, as well as the overall sweat for the city, said a cast of confusion on the ruins, which re-enacts one of the most important Czech movitch monuments, the relics of St. Maurus, whose value is comparable to crowned jewels. but if now the boom would help to completely erase the losses, let’s not assume, the effort is to minimize them, said Wizovsk.

As follows from the July list of the most visited monuments, the interest of tourists is spreading fairly throughout the country. The table is led by South Moravian Lednice followed by South Bohemian Hluboka and Czech Krumlov.

Tourist front

A queue of tourists who want to see the beech nad Teplou. The record was set at 1,700 people.

I call it discipline

The coronavirus paragraph was naturally negatively recorded in the potency between January and mid-summer; Compared to the Slovak year, the memory of the saw by 1.1 million lifts. Surprisingly, not all exceptions, according to the NP data, are your Romberk, ebrk, Krakovec, Rab and Opono buildings.

Makanice in castles and mills is raised by both hygienists and epidemiologists, the combined crowd is a breeding ground for the disease. For safety reasons and compliance with basic hygiene rules where possible, observe the distances as little as possible to touch the area, sparing your hands, with signs of infection do not go anywhere, in buildings if you often often lose the bag, you will not fulfill the restriction.

According to Renata Povoln, speaking to the Ministry of Health, ad and hygiene agreed that the people have the opportunity to consider the holidays. Badly on the responsibility of each of us, the coronavirus will stay with them here and it is necessary to adapt to it, to protect oneself and the environment. We want the people to impose a pity, but at the same time we will call for compliance not only because of covide, but also other respiratory diseases, she said.

In the changed Beov, the management is more interested in the inspections, and thanks to the fact that in addition to the usual routes, they offer two new circuits, there are exteriors, which also reduces the risk of infection. Related to this is the limitation of the number of sweats in groups to a maximum of twelve, usually double, the inspections of the bag start at short intervals compared to the normal.

Unscrewed side zjmu

In addition to the view of the monuments of secret incomes from the entrance fee, crowds of tourists can also see the optics of towns and villages, in which there are castles and monuments. And that smv from your miz. Masses of pedestrians somewhere cause problems in transport, especially with parking, tourists also produce a lot of waste.

Cities where local residents are parked in the season are occupied by tourists who want to pay for paid parking. At the same time, the only pensions that the council treats from tourists are the first ones from the parking lot. The mayor of Beov nad Teplou, Miroslav Nepra, told that the income from the acre was available so that we could pay for the peace of the waste that the visitors left behind.

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