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Swiss people consume after the violent downturn in spring due to the corona crisis, more than before the outbreak of the pandemic, as data from the economic research center at ETH Zurich (KOF) show. Consumer fasting during the store closures ordered by the Federal Council has now one Konsumrausch Made room, writes the “SonntagsZeitung” and relies on real-time data available on the Internet about the KOF’s purchasing and mobility behavior.

after the Detailhandelsumsatze in Switzerland in April 2020 compared to April 2019, when price and calendar adjusted decreased by 19 percent, according to the KOF they rose by around 7 percent in May 2020 compared to May 2019. The increase is mainly driven by the retail trade in food, beverages and tobacco. However, sales in the non-food retail sector in May could not be achieved in May. But here, too, there are industries that saw a strong increase in sales. Devices in information and communication technology (+43 percent), household appliances, textiles, DIY and home furnishings (+18 percent) were in high demand.



The Spanish tourism industry has drastically revised its already pessimistic forecasts for this year due to a renewed increase in corona numbers and new restrictions, according to a newspaper report. Up to the end of the year, the loss of up to 750,000 jobs and a drop in expected revenues in normal times of more than 50 percent or 83 billion euros, the newspaper “El Pais” reported on Sunday, based on estimates by the travel business association Exceltur.

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In the Switzerland and Liechtenstein The Federal Office of Public Health (BAG) received 138 new infections with the coronavirus on Sunday within one day. That is less than the day before with 180 new Covid 19 infected people. In the past seven days, the number was 1084.

Over 200 new cases of coronavirus infections were reported to the BAG on Thursday and Friday. In total, according to the latest BAG numbers, there have been 35,550 laboratory-confirmed cases since the pandemic began. At the same time, the BAG announced 6 new hospitalizations compared to the previous day. As in the previous day, the number of deaths related to Covid 19 disease was 1707.

The BAG further reported that 1041 infected people were isolated due to the contact tracing. Quarantined were 2877 people who were in contact with infected people. The numbers come from 25 cantons and Liechtenstein. An additional 12,388 people were quarantined after returning from a risk country.

The number of tests carried out on Sars-CoV-2, the causative agent of Covid-19, has so far totaled 801,742. The result was positive in 5.3 percent of these tests.



The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reports 240 New infections in Germany. That is significantly less than last and an increase to a total of 209,893 confirmed infections. However, on weekends, health authorities often report cases with a time delay. In the past few days, the number of new infections detected had been around 900, significantly higher than in previous weeks.



Also on the Philippines The corona virus continues to spread rapidly. With 5032 new infections, the Ministry of Health reports another daily high. The total number of proven infections thus rose to 103,185. President Rodrigo Duterte wants to advise some ministers about stricter lockdown measures for the capital Manila during the day. In Southeast Asia, only Indonesia is more affected by the pandemic.



Graubunden and Ticino hotels have your Prices for the summer season increased according to the “NZZ am Sonntag”. The newspaper relies on an evaluation that the Switzerland Travel Center prepared for the paper. The demand in some holiday regions was so great that hotels could increase their prices, it said. In Ticino, the prices for hotel rooms in the current year rose by an average of five percent compared to 2019. In Graubunden, hoteliers made up around four percent, it was said. However, other Swiss holiday regions suffered from a sharp drop in prices. In the Bernese Oberland, hotel prices had slumped 18 percent this year. In Valais, there are even around 20 percent.



Public events are supposed to open again limited to a hundred people become. The new speaks for it Chief of the Covid 19 Task Force of the federal government. The coronavirus case numbers were close to exponential growth. Intervention was required early. An exponential growth should be prevented, said Martin Ackermann in an interview with the “SonntagsZeitung”. Otherwise, there are drastic and expensive restrictions. That must be prevented under all circumstances. There is practically no scope for further easing, such as the approval of major events.

The difficult thing about the situation is that the subject of corona is omnipresent, but many would not know anyone who was infected. It was difficult to bring it together, said Ackermann.

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Swiss officials according to reports from “SonntagsZeitung” and “Le Matin Dimanche” hundreds of thousands of masks hoarded, although they had publicly described them as ineffective. The newspapers refer to the director’s conference of the Federal Office for Civil Protection (BSTB), the minutes of which they received via the Public Relations Act. According to the director of the BAG Pascal Strupler in March, masks and disinfectants were hoarded in the offices. “He calls for reason and asks the authorities to provide all material,” it said. In a collection campaign, almost a million masks were then collected.



Belgium has trips to the Cantons of Vaud, Valais and Geneva forbidden. The cantons are on the red list of the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as Radio SRF reported on Sunday morning. The website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs states that trips to these cantons are “not possible or not permitted”. Conversely, anyone wishing to enter Belgium from these cantons is obliged to quarantine and take a Covid 19 test.

By mid-July, Belgium had already prescribed the quarantine and test for travelers from Ticino. After criticism from the Ticino government and cantonal doctor, the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (EDA) intervened in Belgium. The Belgian authorities then removed Ticino from the list.

The canton of Geneva could soon introduce new corona virus restrictions, reported the French newspaper Le Matin Dimanche. She refers to the Geneva health director Mauro Poggia (Mouvement citoyens genevois), who announced this in the event of increasing coronavirus infections. He cited measures such as reducing the maximum number of people for meetings and demonstrations, the obligation to submit protective plans for festive and private gatherings, and reinstating sanctions for violating the 1.5-meter distance rule. The Geneva authorities had already ordered all nightclubs, discos, dance halls and cabarets to be closed immediately on Friday – a first in Switzerland.



In view of the increasing number of corona infections, the authorities in Australian state of Victoria proclaimed the state of disaster and one night curfew imposed. In addition, only one person from each household can go shopping once a day, says Victorias Prime Minister Daniel Andrews. In Melbourne, the capital of the state, people must not be more than five kilometers away from home. They are the most stringent restrictions on contact and movement in the state to contain the novel corona virus. They are supposed to apply for six weeks until mid-September.



In Latin America is the number of Fatality after infection with the novel corona virus, according to a Reuters count, rose to over 200,000. Most recently, Peru reported 191 more deaths.



Worldwide According to a Reuters count, more than 17.85 million people have now been infected with the novel corona virus. 683,767 people died from or with the virus.

An overview of the coronavirus cases can be found at Johns Hopkins University.



In the USA According to Reuters, the number of coronavirus cases increased by at least 58,766 to 4.64 million on Saturday. According to this, at least 1035 people die of Covid-19 within 24 hours. The number of fatal infections increases to 154,922.



China sends one 60-person team to Hong Kong, which is to carry out extensive virus tests in the face of increasing infections. A fairground is to be prepared for the admission of Covid 19 patients. This is the first time that mainland experts have been deployed to combat the disease in the Special Administrative Region.



Two thirds of the British companies are fully operational again after a lockdown, according to a survey. According to a survey by the industry association CBI, around a fifth said that they were unable to work.



In Mexico the authorities report a new daily record with 9556 infections. This increases the number of people infected with the virus to 434,193. According to the Ministry of Health, 784 patients died, increasing the number of corona deaths to 47,472.


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