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The coronavirus has not only left more than 17 million infected and 686,000 deceased: it also destabilized the economy and increased the unemployment in various countries. If the desire before this is to change airs, the portal The Business Insider made a list of Top 20 countries for move after the pandemic.

These twenty nations were selected based on five criteria: the temperatures average, welcoming immigrants, the decrease in daily cases of COVID-19, the cost of living and the score obtained in the Democracy from The Economist Intelligence Unit.

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Sweden (20) and the United Kingdom (19) have good indicators despite the fact that their average temperatures are among the lowest. They are followed by Malta (18), the Philippines (17), Iceland (16, with an average temperature of 2 degrees), Denmark (15) and Cyprus (14).

In 13th place is Paraguay, one of two Latin Americans in the ranking. They highlight its cost of living (57.9% lower than that of the United States) and its annual temperature (23 degrees). Malaysia follows (12), Germany (11), Portugal (10), Botswana (9), Netherlands (8), Ireland (7) and Mauritius (6).

Spain ranks fifth despite the rebound in coronavirus cases. Photo: Shutterstock.

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Spain appears fifth despite the recent rebound in cases of coronavirus, thanks to its good acceptance rates for migrants. Above Tunisia (4) and New Zealand (3) Uruguay, the other Latin American on the list, appears, due to its low cost of living, its annual temperature (17 degrees) and its reduced number of daily cases of COVID-19.

The low number of COVID-19 cases contributed to Uruguay's second place. Photo: Shutterstock.

Australia is the number 1 country on the list. Although its cost of living is 7.7% higher than that of the United States, its average temperature is close to ideal and is among the top 10 countries in the Acceptance Index of Migrants Gallup, with a score of 7.98.

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