COVID and major baseball: the situation is getting worse


Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred has no plans to ax the 2020 season … just yet.

That’s what he said in an interview with ESPN on Saturday, despite 17 games being postponed in the past 10 days due to COVID-19 outbreaks.

“We are playing,” Manfred said. The players have to be better, but I’m not someone who usually gives up and there is no reason to give up right now. We have to be flexible, but it is always possible to maneuver. ”

However, the day before, the commissioner had warned the director of the Association of Major Baseball Players (AJMLB), Tony Clark, that if the athletes did not respect the protocols of his circuit more, it could well be that the season was canceled. .

“There are bad decisions that have been made,” said Manfred of some players who allegedly ignored the guidelines of major league baseball.

According to ESPN, some states and local governments in the United States have pressured the Manfred Circuit to tighten the screws on athletes. During matches, it was possible to see players high-fives, spitting and not wearing masks, all of which are prohibited by the major leagues.

Another outbreak?

Manfred’s comments follow the postponement of a double schedule between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Brewers in Milwaukee on Saturday.

Between four and six new cases have been diagnosed in players and members of the organization “Cards”, according to the sports site The Athletic. These are in addition to the two cases already known which had forced major league baseball to postpone Friday night’s clash between the “Cards” and the Brewers in Milwaukee.

Right now, all of the Cardinals are in isolation at a Milwaukee hotel, and it’s still unclear whether any of them will be able to play on Sunday.

The Cardinals outbreak is the second in major league baseball in less than two weeks. Remember that there are about twenty positive cases for the coronavirus in the Marlins, while several players would not have respected the protocols of major league baseball.

All of this team’s games have been postponed until further notice, as has the Philadelphia Phillies, which were the Marlins’ opponents when the outbreak occurred. This also had consequences for the Toronto Blue Jays who were to play a four-game series in Pennsylvania this weekend.

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