DayDreamer previews, Turkish episodes: Leyla disputed by Osman and Emre


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DayDreamer – The wings of the dream, foreign anticipations: Emre leaves Leyla

In next installments of DayDreamer, which will return to air on August 17th on Canale5, Leyla and Emre will get closer. A love affair will soon begin between the secretary and her employer, which will be ruined by Aylin. In fact, Emre’s ex-partner will blackmail him and will be ready to reveal to Can that his brother has sold 20% of the agency’s shares to Enzo Fabbri, if the accountant does not end the story with Leyla. The Turkish advances of DayDreamer they reveal that Emre can only push away Aydin, who, incredulous at the sudden change in her beloved’s mood, will decide to leave her job. But someone will change your mind in DayDreamer.

DayDreamer previews, Turkish episode plot: Leyla is dating Osman

The foreign advances of DayDreamer reveal that, after the stop last week, Can will convince Leyla not to leave her job, warned by Sanem about the blackmail suffered by her brother. Meanwhile, Aydin will decide to give Osman a chance. The butcher will be able to buy a car with the money obtained from his role in a TV series and will be much more confident. Will he be able to conquer Leyla? In new episodes of DayDreamer the young woman will decide to go out with him.

DayDreamer – The wings of the dream, spoilers next installments: Emre tries to win back Leyla

In Turkish episodes of DayDreamer – The wings of the dream, Emre will do anything to try to win Leyla back, bringing her closer to work. But the girl will push him away. Who can win Aydin’s heart in DayDreamer: Osman is that Emre?

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