Disney Revolution, Luz Noceda arrives, the first bisexual face in an animated series


The creator of the show Dana Terrace presented the main character of the series on Twitter The Owl House, Luz Noceda, stating that her orientation is openly bisexual, although she has previously been attracted to male characters. In episode Enchanting Grom Fright, Luz forms a relationship with Amity Blight, a school student. In fact, Amity invites Luz to the prom, after confessing her feelings.

On Twitter, Terrace claimed he fought with “some battle in Disney” to make sure “queer kids” were represented on his show: “I was told by some Disney ‘leadership’ that I couldn’t represent any form of bisexual or gay relationship, “he explained, later saying he refused this imposition. “I’m bisexual! I want to write a bisexual character, damn it!” She tweeted. “Luckily my stubbornness has paid off and now I’m very much supported by Disney.”

Already in 2017, in the Disney series Andi Mack, one of the main characters has revealed that he is in love with a boy: that was the first time that a homosexual declared himself as such in a Disney show. The other great battle so that the various human facets, sentimental and loving, are faced in an animated product for the little ones has been carrying it out for years Rebecca Sugar, creator of the award-winning show on Cartoon Network, Steven Universe.

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