Does everyone make their own corona forecast in Bern? The Berset department deviates from the official assumptions of the federal government for the AHV – because they are too pessimistic for it


The opinions about the economic consequences of the Corona crisis differ in Bundesbern than before. This shows a paper from the Federal Council. The result: Now rosier assumptions apply to the AHV than to the federal finances.

Is a thunderstorm coming or isn’t it? One can argue about forecasts – also about economic ones. The federal government is now going so far that it does not work with the same assumptions for the AHV and the federal treasury. (Pictured: hikers in Entlebuch.)

Christian Beutler / Keystone

Imagine: Federal Councilor Karin Keller-Sutter made an appearance in the vote on freedom of movement for people. She claims that fewer people will immigrate in the next few years than previously thought. It had been found that the forecasts by the Federal Statistical Office were not convincing, and is now based on lower numbers. Unthinkable?

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