Domenica In returns in September!


Mara Venier has been reconfirmed for the conduct of Domenica In. Now there is less than a month to go back to see her aunt Mara in better shape than ever.

The beautiful Mara concluded one truly spectacular season. He kept his audience company until the end, despite the bad injury and the difficult period of Covid -19. After a season with afantastic sculptures, and a great run Mara is enjoying hers you deserve summer holidays. But now it is missing less than a month at the beginning of a new season and Rai are already warming up the engines!
From September 13 Mara will be at the helm again on Domenica In.

Mara Venier: Domenica In returns on 13 September


Soon Aunt Mara will come back to keep us company, Domenica In returns from 13 September.
There will be no big changes for the next edition, it should stay everything as always, even if for now we have no certainty. We certainly know that on Sunday there will be the ‘fact of the week’ where the topic will be topical.
Another certainty is the presence of Mara who will surely repeat the third year of great successes!

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Mara Venier: a successful season


The season that ended was a real success for Mara. Sunday In closed the season last June 28 and made the audience boom closing with the 23% share.
Venier this year has kept everyone company for 41 Sundays, also facing a not an easy period. Aunt Mara it was a real one rock, did not let down by sadness and injury and continued until the end!

Now we just have to wait for it new edition of Domenica In!


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