Donald Trump believes in “terrible attack”


With regard to the explosions in Beirut, the US President spoke of an alleged “attack” with a “bomb”. However, the local authorities suspect a completely different cause.

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The devastating explosion in the Lebanese capital Beirut appears to have been an attack, according to US President Donald Trump. “It looks like a terrible attack,” Trump said at the White House on Tuesday evening (local time). (You can see the scene above or here.) Given the nature of the explosion, his “generals” assumed that it must have been a kind of bomb. The US is “ready to help Lebanon,” Trump said.

The explosion did not indicate an accident, Trump said, citing his military advisers. “You seem to think that it was an attack, that it was some kind of bomb,” he said. At least 100 people were killed and almost 4,000 injured in the explosion, according to Lebanese sources. The background to the explosion initially remained unclear. There was initially no evidence of an attack or a political background.

There was speculation on Tuesday evening that the explosion may be due to a large amount of ammonium nitrate stored in the port of Beirut. The decomposition of the substance used as fertilizer – which can also be used to produce explosive devices – leads to detonations at higher temperatures.

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