Donald Trump wants to “ban” TikTok from the US


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Donald Trump and the TikTok teenagers are no longer friends. Now the US President wants to get rid of the video app entirely.

  • Donald Trump droht Video App TikTok
  • US President wants to ban Chinese app from the United States
  • TikTok fans are campaigning against Donald Trump

Washington – Donald Trump has opened a new chapter in the conflict with the People’s Republic of China. This time the US president took the video platform TikTkok targeted. “As far as TikTok is concerned, we are banishing it from the United States,” Trump announced in a media interview on Air Force One.

Donald Trump: US government accuses TikTok of espionage

The concerns that several US authorities have regarding the video platform, which is particularly popular among young people, have long been known. TikTok belongs to the Chinese-based company ByteDance. According to Donald Trump and parts of the US government are said to collect user data and pass it on to the Chinese government. Trump’s Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had also considered banning TikTok in the United States.

Most recently, the Committee on Foreign Investment (CFIUS), a U.S. government interdepartmental committee on the control of foreign investments in the United States, had the TikTok App checked. This was confirmed by Donald Trump’s finance minister, Steve Mnuchin. Then CIFUS told “the President [Donald Trump] make a recommendation, “Mnuchin said Wednesday on the White House lawn.

TikTok: Popular with teenagers, unpopular with Donald Trump

TikTok is particularly popular with teenagers and has almost one billion users worldwide. The platform was created in 2017 by merging with the Sing Along app, which was successful with a lip synchronization function for self-made videos.

TikTok was also the origin of a campaign against Donald Trump and his election campaign for the 2020 presidential election in the United States. For example, tens of thousands of TikTok users are said to have sabotaged Trump’s campaign event in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They did this by reserving tickets for the event in advance at several email addresses. The Trump campaign then proudly announced that it had received millions of ticket reservations. However, the actual event remained poorly attended.

Donald Trump vs. TikTok: Microsoft allegedly interested in buying

Rescue for TikTok could, however, come from the United States itself. US software giant Microsoft is supposedly thinking about buying the video app. The reports the “New York Times”. Should Microsoft buy TikTok, the app would be banned Donald Trump hardly possible in the USA. (By Daniel Dillmann, with afp)

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