Dozens of infections among medical staff at CHU Hassan II in Fez


A nurse from the Fez University Hospital. MAP

From medical sources, the CHU Hassan II of Fez has found dozens of infections among its hospital staff, mostly doctors, nurses and nursing assistants, while the city is experiencing a sharp increase in cases of Covid-19 contamination : 1,316 active cases on July 31 out of 3,065 cases recorded since March 2.

A joint press release from the local section of the National Commission of Internal and Resident Doctors and the Association of Internal and Resident Doctors of Fez, around thirty cases were recorded in a week, while other sources estimate these to be double. statistics.

The press release from the CNMIR and AMIRF in Fez warns of this upsurge in cases observed at the CHU of Fez, “Some of which in intensive care are considered serious and requiring intensive care”.

“Tests are still underway for the rest of the medical teams, and we expect a massive increase in cases of contamination in the coming days”, adds, pessimistically, the press release. A situation which, according to the press release, is the result of “Recent relaxation of all the actors in connection with the epidemic”.

Union meetings were held at the end of the week between the management of the hospital complex and the medical profession to deal with this emergency situation and ensure the protection of both front-line workers and patients and their families.

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