Due to pending proceedings – dispute over terminated employment contract with Adrian Spahr


The Co-President of the Young SVP Canton of Bern was unable to take up his new position with the Grenchen city police due to pending proceedings against Adrian Spahr for racial discrimination.

Spahr defends himself against the termination of his employment contract. He had drawn attention to the procedure.

Bild: Barbara Heritier

Because legal proceedings for racial discrimination are still pending against the Bernese SVP young politician Adrian Spahr, the Grenchen city police did not let him take up a new position as a police officer. The employment contract that had already been signed was terminated.

Spahr has now called in a lawyer, as he confirmed on Saturday a message from the “Bieler Tagblatt” upon request. “A unilateral resignation without payment of wages for a certain time is legally not possible,” the paper quotes the Biel lawyer Mario Stegmann.

Because: a signed employment contract is valid and binding for both parties. At most one could reach an out of court agreement, so Stegmann in the “Bieler Tagblatt”.

Not entirely pure wine poured

According to the “Bieler Tagblatt”, the commander of the Grenchen city police and the head of personnel stated that they did not know anything about the scope of the pending proceedings when Spahr was hired. The young politician and trained police officer poured them not entirely pure wine at the job interview, so the criticism.

Spahr, in turn, rejects the charge. On the contrary, he had drawn attention to the proceedings and “explained in detail” that he had been convicted of racial discrimination by two courts and that the matter was now before the Federal Supreme Court.

The young politician also points out an interim report from his former employer, which indicates that he had been transferred to the police office due to an ongoing procedure.

Condemned for “Gypsies” poster

In 2018, Spahr was convicted of racial discrimination together with the other co-president of the JSVP Canton of Bern, Nils Fiechter, in the criminal warrant procedure. This is because of an election poster published on the JSVP’s Facebook page in February 2018. The drawing showed a Swiss in herding costume, holding his nose in front of a rubbish heap in a trailer park. “We say no to transit places for foreign gypsies!” It said on the poster.

Spahr worked for the canton police in Basel-Stadt. After the first conviction became known, she transferred him to the office. The 26-year-old then quit his job.


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