Fabian thought it was his day for the mega jackpot of 144 million euros, but no luck for the Liege …


At the beginning of July, seeing the EuroMillions jackpot keep swelling, Fabian, a father from Hamoir (Liege) who lives in Charleroi, decides to play three grids over the internet at € 2.5, ie a sum of € 7.5.

His blood only changed when he discovered an email in his box that said he had won: “I had one, two, three and four out of five correct numbers. And also the two good stars, he explains. It was a six out of seven. Of course, it wasn’t the jackpot, but it must have been a nice sum all the same, right? ”

►►This is what he won

►►Fabian went through all the colors: his story

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