Fall Guys: servers fall victim to the game’s immense popularity


Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has only been available to the general public for a few hours, and servers are already struggling to cope with the high demand.

The battle funny royal Fall Guys released this morning on Steam and quickly racked up thousands of players. The game was also released on PlayStation 4 this afternoon, in addition to being offered free to PlayStation Plus members. However, before it hit the PlayStation Store, the game was struggling a lot on PC due to the sheer volume of players.

On Twitter, the official account of Fall Guys offered a few updates to promise players the team is working hard to get the servers back. The account even explains that the developers tried to restore the servers slowly, without announcing it, but that they were inundated by 100,000 players as soon as they opened.

In order to manage this incredible launch, the Mediatonic studio, which develops the game, has completely closed registrations on PlayStation 4.

The game is also garnering negative reviews on Steam right now due to server issues.

Decidedly, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a victim of its own popularity!

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