Fall Guys: Twitch Rivals, Info, Date & Results


Fall Guys: Twitch Rivals, Info, Date & Results


Mediatonic’s Party Game will take its first steps into the competitive world faster than you think. Twitch’s esports arm said they are in the process of preparing a dedicated Twitch Rivals.

When launching multiplayer games, it is often Twitch Rivals that acts as the first online competition and baptism of fire in the world of esports. Fall Guys is no exception. On social networks, Twitch esport expressed its interest in the Party Game as well as its competitive potential.

“So we keep hearing a lot about this game …And people keep asking us “When will we have Twitch Rivals?”

So … we’re on the spot. Twitch Rivals Fall Guys.

It’s coming soon “

Twitch Esport


At the time of this writing, no date, format or guest list has been provided by the publisher or by Twitch. Twitch Rivals are, however, notorious for being set up remarkably quickly, while also bringing in the best-known streamers from each country.

In game, Fall Guys does not currently offer any ranked mode or one that would resemble a long-term competition. However, the game enjoys real sports potential, since it borrows from the genres of racing and Battle Royale. Anyway the title seems very suitable for a Twitch Rivals in good standing, where the fun get married at tryhard.

One of the most anticipated features by PS4 gamers is the split screen feature. We take stock of the functionality, currently under study by the developers of the party game.

Today’s matches live

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