Finally Anji Apologizes for Corona Drug Noise


JAKARTA, KOMPASTV – Anji and Hadi Pranotos names are widely discussed by the public because of corona drug claims.

Both were reported to the police and threatened with ITE law because they were considered to be spreading false news.

Anji finally spoke up about this.

In between his activities in Gunug Puntang, Anji received a message from the Head of BNPB, Doni Monardo.

The message was brought by Dr. Tirta. Doctor Tirta along with several other colleagues came to meet and discuss with Anji.

“Today I met with @ dr.tirta, @ dr.widihadian & @ dr.fajriaddai. Dr. Tirta brought advice to me from the Head of BNPB, Mr. Doni Monardo, about what happened in the past few days. While Dr. Widi and Dr. “Fajri sharing about scientific journals, about the stages of a finding can be a drug,” Anji wrote in his Instagram account statement, Wednesday (4/8/2020).

Anji also expressed his apology for the upheaval that had occurred in the past few days.

“Sorry for the uproar that occurred. The results of the meeting I will immediately post,” said Anji.

Because the corona drug video, Anji and Hadi Pranoto have now been reported to the police.

Chairman of Cyber ​​Indonesia, Muannas Alaidid reported Anji and Hadi Pranoto to the Metro Jaya Regional Police for allegedly spreading false news.

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