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The health crisis has affected and changed the way of working in various sectors. This is the case of the real estate market that has adapted to the new needs and preferences of the public who opt for functional and better-lit spaces.

Given this, Eva Pozo, manager of the real estate In Urban, made a list with the 5 trends in the real estate world post covid-19:

The need for functional spaces for home office: The pandemic has made more people join the Home office modality, which leads to the need to request homes with spaces with better lighting and to rethink the designs of the houses to include an office.

Digitized visits: Today there are many virtual tools to ensure the good choice and the reliability of the product. Considering that the house has financial support, that is; Whether it is a property promoted by the financial institution, the property will always be on the list on the bank’s website.

Preference for natural light: Another trend among Peruvians is to rethink the type of home they want to live in and prioritize issues such as natural light, large spaces and better views.

Value common areas: During the quarantine, the common areas have been great allies to clear us from work and the current situation, so balconies and terraces are the most requested aspects when choosing a home. Given this, it is not surprising that searches for parking areas, gardens and terraces have increased unlike in other years.

Flexibility of mortgage payments and loans: Currently all financial institutions offer different financing products to acquire the dream property. Among the options are mortgage loans, Mi Vivienda credit or access to a savings system. The government also promotes various support programs, the most important of which is My Home.

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