Five teams appeal decision on Racing Point brake scoops


(Silverstone) Five Formula One teams have appealed the decision on the Racing Point brake scoops, accused of having copied them from those of Mercedes, an official source said on Saturday.

France Media Agency

“We have received confirmation from five teams that they intend to appeal,” said a spokesperson for the International Automobile Federation (FIA) on Saturday.

Renault has filed a complaint against Racing Point, accusing it of having copied from Mercedes these parts, essential for cooling the braking system and the aerodynamics of single-seaters.

The FIA ​​ruled in his favor on Friday but did not, however, declare the targeted scoops illegal, which allows Racing Point to continue using them. However, she was taken 15 points from the World Constructors’ Championship and fined 400,000 euros (631,000 Canadian dollars).

The five teams that have indicated their intention to appeal are Renault, Ferrari, McLaren, Williams and Racing Point, the FIA ​​said.

These five teams, however, still have 96 hours to confirm their intention to appeal and explain the reasons given the complexity of the case.

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