Foot – Europa League – Inter Milan and Antonio Conte tense before their round of 16 of the Europa League against Getafe


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Convincing second in Serie A, Inter resumed the Europa League on Wednesday (9 p.m.) against Getafe in the round of 16 in the skin of a favorite but with a coach on the nerves.

Inter have just concluded their best Championship in ten years with a score of 82 points, identical to that of the 2009-2010 season, the year of the C1 – Cup – Championship treble under Jose Mourinho. Antonio Conte was therefore the man for the job to reduce the huge gap with Juve widened over the last decade since he failed only one small unit of his former team. And yet, everything is still bad at Inter.

“Weak off the field”

After the last match against Atalanta (2-0 victory) on Saturday, his coach shot red balls, live on TV, on his direction, guilty of being “Too weak off the field” and not « [l’]have enough protection? when he received “Shovelfuls of shit”, insisting of course the fact that his rant “Does not concern the transfer window at all”. This behavior, condemned by the vast majority of followers (journalists and former players) of transalpine football, was nevertheless the common thread of his first interist season with recurring criticism. But, this time, the tone is raised a notch.

According to the indiscretions of the Italian press, some players remained silent while the people targeted were strongly irritated, whether it was Beppe Marotta, managing director, Piero Ausilio, sporting director and Steven Zhang, president of Inter, who has remained in China since the start of the global health crisis. He and Conte would have explained themselves in recent days on the phone, but Massimiliano Allegri, free, would have been alerted anyway.

Temporary backpedaling?

It was already he who had replaced a Conte who resigned from Juve shortly after the resumption of training in the summer of 2014. However, the Inter coach has already backpedaled via a press release published on Monday via Ansa in order to to clarify its position: “I married a three-year project with Inter and I will work hard to make it a winning project. “ Above all, he wanted to avoid overinterpreting his anger: “Regarding the article that came out on, I categorically deny the fact that I called the leaders and players of Juventus by asking: “But are they going to fire Sarri?” I will file a complaint against the person who wrote it and its director. “

He was also more calm during the traditional pre-match press conference on Tuesday: “It’s not important that this competition is important to me. What matters is that it is for Inter. Let’s use it “we”, not the “is”. » A speech which is more the result of a desire to put its players in the best position to win the Europa League rather than a reframing of their superiors.

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