for Egbert Lachaert (Open Vld), the PS / N-VA note would “widen the budget deficit by 15 billion euros”


We already have a budget deficit of more than 20 billion euros over two years. The Magnette-De Wever note (preformers) was to add 15 to 16 billion per year. Sorry, but I don’t wanna do this to my kids“, declared Friday the president of the Open Vld, Egbert Lachaert, on the set of the program Terzake of the VRT-television.

The president of the Flemish Liberal Party was interviewed after the failure of the mission of the preformers, Bart De Wever (N-VA) and Paul Magnette (PS). “Coalition “yellow-violet” could have succeeded if a choice had been made this morning. But they do not want to make this choice and prefer to play a game between parties in order to divide them“Said Mr. Lachaert, who also claims to have been surprised by the meeting on Friday morning.”We expected an opening but it absolutely did not take place“.

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According to Mr. Lachaert, the note could not be further to the left. “This note is as tinged with socialist red as Magnette’s first note“.

The president of the Open Vld, however, said he would answer the call this weekend, if solicited. “Different scenarios are still possible. And there is a very clear deadline, because Prime Minister Sophie Wilmes must go to Parliament on September 17 to ask for confidence“, he added.

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