Four new coronavirus patients in intensive care in Sarthe


The coronavirus epidemic seems to be regaining a little strength in the Sarthe as everywhere in France. There are four patients today hospitalized in intensive care in the hospitals of the department.

In total, around 40 COVID-19 patients are hospitalized in Sarthe.

Non-respect of barrier gestures

For Stephan Domingo, the representative of the ARS in Sarthe, this resumption of the epidemic is explained by the non-respect of barrier gestures.

Wearing a mask, washing hands, social distancing, everything must be respected to curb the spread of the virus“, he explains.

Be careful during family celebrations

Summer should not be synonymous with lax vigilance, as the virus spreads for festive events.
Family gatherings, evenings with friends or cousinades“, warns Stephan Domingo,”gatherings of rather young populations who do not respect the wearing of a mask, for example“.

An evolution anticipated by the health authorities

However, the Regional Health Agency is not worried by the evolution of the epidemic. “We had anticipated this development, and are monitoring it with great vigilance, day to day”, continues Stephan Domingo.

“Pelsewhere, new COVID-19 patients develop few severe forms of the disease“, explains S. Domingo. However, no question of relax our vigilance, the health authorities call to be tested if possible.

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