Golden Boot 2019/20: This is the classification


How does the fight to be the best scorer in Europe end? We will tell you.

Messi has already achieved his sixth Golden Boot, being the maximum winner of the award that recognizes the best scorer in Europe. That of 2018/19 was the third consecutive award for the Rosario star, who leads the historical ranking with two more wins than Cristiano Ronaldo. In this 2019/20 season, Messi started injured and with a huge challenge: discounting a big goal difference with Robert Lewandowski, Immobile and Cristiano Ronaldo, who took many points off him at the start of the campaign. It failed.

Ciro Immobile was the leader of the classification thanks to the enormous number of goals he made with Lazio in Serie A before the stoppage due to coronavirus. With his return to football in Germany, Robert Lewandowski had a great scoring streak and took the lead: he closed the Bundesliga with 34 goals and a total of 68 points, with no games to play. For his part, Cristiano Ronaldo did not stop screaming with Juventus goal and was on the prowl but his last erratic games and the call-off on the last day, left him in third position and without the possibility of the fifth Golden Boot. The leader in Italy and In Europe it is Immobile himself, beating Lewandowski with 35 goals and who wants to beat another record: the one with the most goals in a season in Italy.

It should be noted that, although Erik Sorga, FC Flora player in the Estonian league, was the first in the classification for several weeks, it is always expected that the top scorer of the league in Spain, England, France, Germany or Italy will take the award, as is usually the case with the competitions that give the most points (2) for each goal.


The scoring criteria for which the record is established are the following:

– In the German, Spanish, English, Italian, French leagues goals are valued with 2 points.

– In the Austrian, Belgian, Bulgarian, Czech, Portuguese, Croatian, Scottish, Greek, Dutch, Israeli, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Serbian, Swiss, Turkish, Belarusian and Ukrainian leagues each goal is valued at 1.5 points.

– In the Albanian, Andorran, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Bosnian, Cypriot, Danish, Slovak, Slovenian, Estonian, Finnish, Faroese, Georgian, Welsh, Hungarian, Irish, Northern Irish, Icelandic, Kazakh leagues, Lithuanian, Luxembourgish, Latvian, Macedonian, Maltese, Moldovan, Montenegrin, Romanian and Swedish each goal is valued with 1 point.

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