Google Maps truly becomes a social network with this new function


Google Maps further strengthens its social dimension and now all profiles that have published reviews, photos or lists in public can have subscribers.

Subscribe to a Google Maps profile

A Google Maps profile to which you can subscribe // Source: Google

You know, Google Maps is already the most popular mapping service on smartphones, but the navigation application continues to be enriched with new features to such an extent that today, the platform becomes a social network at full fledged.

Last year, as the platform celebrated its 15th anniversary, Google Maps already wanted to highlight this social dimension by allowing users to subscribe to a handful of Local Guides – that’s the name given to people who share a lot of information. useful opinions on the establishments they visit, sort of influencers from Google Maps.

Now, it is now possible to follow almost everyone. Google officially announced it: if you’ve shared a photo, comment, or list publicly, you will be able to get followers. People who follow your profile will have access to your latest publications in the News tab of the application.

Global rollout has started

The Google Maps teams specify that each user will be able to restrict the visibility of his profile and leave only the people he approved to follow him. To do this, you will have to go to your profile settings and indicate your preference.

Whether or not many people will play the game remains to be seen. Most people probably only use Google Maps for its primary navigation function, but if this strengthening of the social dimension of the app is smartly done, perhaps subscribing will not be so incongruous. to a profile with the same engagement as one would have on Twitter or Instagram. Let’s just hope the service doesn’t turn into a huge gas factory like Gmail.

The deployment of this novelty has started and should gradually affect all users.

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