Google resets the audio recording option of its assistant


Google is globally deactivating, in its users’ accounts, the setting that allows it to collect and analyze audio recordings produced during an interaction with Google Assistant..

This concerns users who had activated the option ” Include audio recordings “In the settings section” Web and app activity “. They have received or will receive an explanatory email from Google warning them of this change. They will then have to go to the ad-hoc settings page to restart this function.

This decision follows on from a news item from the summer of 2019 when Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Apple had recognized that they were also relying on human listening to the recordings captured by their products, in order to improve understanding. of their assistants. This recourse to people, and in particular to subcontractors operating outside the walls and sometimes the rules of these companies, was little or not explained.

Google had put this program on hold and promised improvements. Originally, the collection of these records was disabled by default. Analysis by human ears is now resuming service, but Google resets the counters to zero and unilaterally deactivates this collection function, even among them who put up with it.

For those who now wish to forgo this recovery, the recordings stored since last summer will not be deleted. Google explains that you have to go and delete them yourself, via the administration page.

Finally, when you allow Google to resume these recordings, there is always the option of deciding a period beyond which these files must be automatically deleted: 3 months or 18 months.

If we do not use this possibility of purging, Google will work on these extracts by keeping them associated with your account to improve its Assistant vis-a-vis your profile. Then anonymized portions will be extracted and used for human listening.

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