Gyms. 30% have gone bankrupt in Mexico due to coronavirus


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The coronavirus pandemic it continues to claim fatalities in the country’s economy. The postponement in the reopening of gyms and spaces in the fitness and wellness industry have already caused close to 30 percent of these to permanently close their activities.

“We lose 2 billion pesos each month. We are now reaching 8 billion pesos since the start of the pandemic, but the most worrying thing is that we already have gyms permanently closed between neighborhood units and some of the members. We are being killed by the lack of attention from the authorities for not allowing us to operate under strict security protocols, ”she said in an interview with MILLENNIUM Rodrigo Chavez, President of the Mexican Association of Gyms and Clubs (Amegyc).

According to figures from the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA), until last year it was estimated that the industry had a value of one thousand 800 million dollars, through around 12 thousand gyms in the Republic.

During the second quarter of the year Sports World reported that due to the damages derived from the closure of units due to the coronavirus, in the period it closed three of its units.

“These closings are mainly concentrated in the metropolitan area and the state of Yucatan. They are cities in which we are without any type of dialogue with the authority and where almost 4,500 gyms are concentrated and each of them has about 15 people who attend to it, ”said the representative of the sector.

According to Chavez, his units were closed according to speculation. He indicated that the organization made an analysis of the sector in the United States, where in the last 30 days people have attended gyms 11.5 million times, of which there are 513 cases of coronavirus, with a radius of positivity of 0.004 percent.

“That means that we are not the problem of contagion. Post-covid-19 open gyms with safety protocols don’t infect people. It is time to rethink the economic reopening strategy by stoplight that is not working as expected. In the case of gyms, it is the best time to knock on the door and insist again, not with speculation, ”he said.


Given the financial impact that the industry has had as a result of the pandemic, neighborhood chains and gyms have looked for alternatives to survive the crisis; In social networks, business cases have become viral that have become taquerias.

“One part that can help us is additional lines of income. There are gyms that have rented teams in desperation; some are trying to charge for online virtual classes one by one, so that the money goes to the coach; but it seems that a more viable route is to give outdoor training. There are some who are setting up tents in parking lots or working in parks. It is a sadness that the authority forces us to make a desperate act of having an income, when they could regulate in a very simple way, ”she said.

According to Chavez, there are only models that can do this: those who have outdoor facilities and spinning studios, dance, among others, who can move infrastructure and make it available. Units that need connections or furniture such as weights do not have this possibility. These units represent about 20 percent of the total.

He explained that during the pandemic only 30 percent of landlords have allowed to pay only maintenance and extend their rental period to the contract; another 40 percent have given discounts of between 50 and 70 percent; and 20 percent of these have maintained collections, which makes their survival more complicated.

In entities like Jalisco, Queretaro, Aguascalientes, the industry has already been operating for a month and a half with controlled gauging.

“It is a great success because people use the reservation system and when they arrive they have the space available. Within a month of implementing it, people feel more secure because they have checked the security processes and continue to attend. Occupancy averages reach 80 and 90 percent of the controlled capacity. It is not a business, what we did was to serve society, but the good news is that we are having a response from people, “she said.


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