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I am, great battles are in the final stretch of the competition and in each gala the participants surprise with exciting presentations, like the one they offered ‘Raphael’ and ‘Sandro’.

Both participants faced each other, in a close battle, to dispute their pass to the semifinal of the contest; The interpreter of the Argentine singer (‘Sandro) was the winner.

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The ‘Sandro impersonator surprised the jury by interpreting ‘Because I love you’. Likewise, the performance of ‘Raphael’ also moved everyone present with his song ‘Raw meat’, who moved his opponent to tears.

“A battle with raw meat, really, totally generous, almost equal, have struck a chord with us. I listened to Tony (Sandro impersonator) and my hands were sweating, my voice was choppy, and ‘Raphael’ came and put the cherry on what I felt in this presentation. Incredible presentation, I am really excited for both of them ”, expressed Katia Palma.

For her part, Maricarmen Marin was also moved to witness the tremendous performance.

“I have a lump in my throat both from the presentation of ‘Sandro’ like the ‘Raphael’. Amazing how all the fibers can move. Effectively, I am takes us to a world of emotions where a few minutes ago we were dancing to the songs of ‘Juan Luis Guerra, and now this emotion that takes us to the other side of our lives ”, mentioned the singer.

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Finally, Ricardo Moran congratulated the work of both and highlighted the emotion that their interpretations caused.

“I just have to thank I am for giving us the chance to all be here together, right now, tonight (…) they have done extremely well because they are remarkable artists. Tony (‘Sandro), you have come to demonstrate that you not only entertain, but that you sing spectacularly well. ‘Raphael’, there are many ways to have your heart raw, today you have had your heart here on stage and you have moved us all, “he said.

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