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The Pixel 4 is followed by the Pixel 4a and the new mid-range smartphone from Google has some features that could make it a real insider tip. Not only the fairly low price could make the Google mobile phone an alternative to Apple’s iPhone SE (2020). In a preliminary comparison, we show what we mean by this.

We have not yet tested the Google Pixel 4a extensively, after all, the smartphone will only appear in October 2020. However, it can already be said that the new Pixel smartphone will benefit greatly from Google’s strengths in the software area. This applies, for example, to security and the provision of updates, where Apple actually has a clear advantage over all Android devices, and also with the iPhone SE (2020). But the camera also does an impressive job.

Android by Google has its advantages

Already in our test of the iPhone SE (2020) we made it clear: The best argument for the Apple mobile phone is the comparatively cheap entry into iOS. Apple’s mobile operating system is considered very secure. New devices receive updates regularly and for a long time – and pretty much all the important apps are also available for the Apple system. At least in the first mentioned disciplines, most Android devices have to accept cutbacks. The Google Pixel 4a is a little different.

Google guarantees an update supply of at least 3 years for its Pixel 4a. It is also practical that the company usually publishes updates to the operating system first for its Pixel smartphones. This not only allows you to access the latest Android features, but your Pixel 4a should also be one of the safest Android smartphones. The so-called Titan M chip also contributes to this, on which passwords and logins, for example, are stored separately.

OLED-Display vs. Old-School-Display

The most striking difference between the Pixel 4a and the iPhone SE (2020) is that between the built-in screens. Google gives its new Android smartphone a high-resolution OLED display. Screens of this type usually shine with brighter colors, a richer black and also with lower energy consumption than LC displays, because black pixels do not have to actively display black, but are simply switched off in a targeted manner.

The iPhone SE (2020) has a pretty good LCD. Above and below, as with the design template, are the iPhone 8, but there are also fairly wide screen edges in which the home button, the front camera, sensors and the loudspeaker are for making calls.

The iPhone SE (2020) presents itself in a classic way with wide edges(© 2020 Apple)

Pixel 4a camera benefits from powerful software

The camera of the Google Pixel 4a is a prime example of the impressive possibilities of powerful software. We still owe you a detailed report and judgment until the test, but the previous reports correspond to what we expected. Even with the predecessors of the Pixel 4a, Google showed how you can achieve great results with good software despite fewer camera lenses. The new model, mind you a mid-range smartphone, repeats the trick.

The YouTuber SuperSaf compared the camera of the Pixel 4a with that of the iPhone SE (2020). The Night Sight mode is particularly noticeable, which you can marvel at with a runtime of 5:03. Google’s portrait mode (6:18) also does a little better. In the end, the iPhone SE (2020) is slightly ahead in terms of video recording and still records 4K videos at 60 frames per second, but the Pixel 4a camera does better in this comparison.

No A13 chip, but jack connection and Google Assistant

As far as the computing power of both smartphones is concerned, the Google Pixel 4a has no chance in comparison. Apple’s A13 chip, which also works in the top model iPhone 11 Pro, has hardly any competition in the Android sector anyway. A mid-range chip works in the Google smartphone. The Snapdragon 730G is by no means a weak engine and has enough power for current games and other complex apps. A nice extra and relevant for owners of high-quality headphones from time to time: The Pixel 4a also has a classic 3.5 mm jack connection.

Those who have already given themselves to the smart home or other applications related to digital assistants could also see the Google Assistant as an advantage. The AI, which also works with Google Maps and other commonly used apps, is developing rapidly and all innovations are likely to be the first to land on Google’s pixel smartphones.

More storage at a lower price, but no choice

Finally, the Pixel 4a clearly scores with its low price. The device should start in October 2020 for 349 euros. There is not much choice, because according to the current status, the new pixel appears only in the color black and only with 128 GB of memory. For comparison: An iPhone SE (2020) is also available in white and red, but for that it costs 128 GB at Apple and also over 500 euros (as of August 4, 2020). Only the 64 GB variant is cheaper. But it still costs more than 450 euros.

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