It was a tissue from Striscia la Notizia: today at the age of 49 it’s a crash PHOTO


For over thirty years on the counter of Strip the News they perform beautiful girls, many of which then achieved some success in the entertainment world. Some have become presenters, others dancers or showgirls, but still others have preferred to move away from the spotlight after their experience on television. One of the first tissues, it seems to have kept its beauty intact over the years and still today at 49 it retains an enviable charm. She was the blackberry tissue between 1992 and 1994 and after her experience a Strip, boasts a career as an actress.

Many will surely remember her as one of the most beautiful showgirls of Strip the News, with a flowing curly hair and an engaging smile. Today on the threshold of fifty it boasts an Instagram profile with over 70,000 followers and a timeless beauty.

From Striscia la Notizia to a career as an actress

After the experience on the counter of the most famous satirical news on Canale 5, the former tissue has embarked on a career in the world of television becoming a famous actress. Among his experiences also participation in A Place in the Sun; today Fanny Cadeo, after his experience a Strip the News in the 90s she is still a beautiful woman. Of his experience on the Rai Tre soap, interviewed by, the former tissue had said: “Un Posto al Sole was one of my first experiences as an actress, so I remember it with great pleasure. Recently I was a guest on RAI for a television program in Naples and I met some of the technical staff (operators, costume designers, make-up, etc.) and we, with big smiles and hugs, remembered that period. When I am at home at that time, I still enjoy watching it even if we have lost some contact with the actors “. Now that Fanny is an established actress, she feels grateful to too Strip the News which allowed her to cross the threshold of the entertainment world.

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