Jean-Luc Reichmann “12 strokes of noon” super surprised by Caroline, “he has never seen that in his life”


Jean-Luc Reichmann was genuinely surprised by the revelations of champion Caroline’s family in the Twelve strokes of noon.

While the young woman has just celebrated her 11th victory in the famous TF1 midday show, she is currently at the head of a very nice prize pool of more than € 42,000 acquired in a very short time. A nice jackpot for Caroline, originally from Rouen, who made a revelation about herself and her family which literally left the famous host, Jean-Luc speechless. Reichmann.

Yet accustomed to records, the interpreter of Leo Matteï literally was speechless before the exploits of the young candidate, but also two members of her family. Obviously, records are a common thing in the family circle of the young woman. At first, Jean-Luc Reichmann had been very impressed when Caroline gave the grade she had received in the bac. During this test so important in the life of a student, the baccalaureate in science had obtained the very good mark of 17.9. An average which had been awarded a mention, and which in itself is already a very good result.

But it would seem that in this family all the children are real little prodigies. During an interview conducted by videoconference, precautionary measure requires, Nathan the brother of the candidate had intervened as he is usually now in The twelve strokes of noon. The relatives of the candidates cannot be physically present on the set, so it is by interposed cameras that Jean-Luc Reichmann asks the family of the participants of the game. The health crisis and the barrier gestures always prevent the presence of the public on television sets and during this interview, Caroline’s brother had made a strange revelation.

Just before seeing Nathan’s face, Jean-Luc Reichmann had asked Caroline if her brother had also obtained a mention in the bac, and the young woman had answered a little hesitant “Ah yes, I think he did indeed have”. But when the host of Twelve strokes of noon finally got the truth directly from the brother, the answer totally stunned Jean-Luc Reichmann. A little embarrassed, the young man confessed in all modesty: “Ah yes, I have a mention of more than 20”. Open mouthed, Jean-Luc Reichmann was surprised and wondered how it was possible to obtain a mark higher than the maximum mark. The young brother explained that thanks to the coefficient for sports lessons and thanks to other subjects, he had managed to obtain this exceptional mark. Apparently Jean-Luc Reichmann had come across a family of top class. But the list didn’t end there. Since Caroline confessed that she also had another brother who today had stopped studying to live out his passion and take care of animals, but who also had obtained a very good mention during his baccalaureate test. Stunned by the talent of these siblings, Jean-Luc Reichmann had told himself that he had really fallen on a nest.

But if Caroline succeeded in her studies brilliantly, and already reaped nice gains in the show The twelve strokes of noon with its 11 victories and its more than 40,000 euros in earnings, it is still very far from the game’s records. A new record which was established, moreover, very recently, with the 199 victories of Eric, from Brittany, who left the show with more than 900,000 euros in cumulative earnings. A historic victory which allowed the father of the family to finally beat the one whose name we wanted to forget, because until the day when Eric had achieved this feat, it was always Christian Quesada who was the greatest Master of Midi. He therefore held the title of champion of champions. Following the terrible story that viewers and Jean-Luc Reichmann had learned about Christian Quesada, everyone is now satisfied that when we mention the record holder for the number of victories in the history of Twelve strokes of noon, it is no longer his name that is at the top of the list. Still imprisoned for very serious acts and in particular for possession of child pornography images, Jean-Luc Reichmann is very happy that this surname is gradually erased from the shelves of Twelve strokes of noon.

But as all records are made to be broken, fans of the game wonder who will be able to dethrone Eric Le Breton today and garner more than 200 victories or even arrive at the historic sum of 1,000,000 euros in earnings. Two records that could well be within the reach of the new young candidate, Caroline. But how long the road still seems! Because even if the young woman seems to have an excellent general culture and encyclopedic knowledge, achieving such results requires many other qualities. As Eric admitted when he left Twelve strokes of noon, to reach its scores, it is necessary somewhere to force oneself to a quasi-military discipline. With sometimes five recordings per day, the emissions are linked and the pace is very sustained. You must therefore be able to resist stress over very long periods of time and never lose your concentration in order not to be dethroned by the challengers who all dream of taking their place. In addition, with the weeks and months passing, weariness sometimes sets in, because the recordings follow one another and the presence of the candidates is therefore required in Paris. For people who come from the provinces, therefore, there are incessant back and forth movements which can prove very tiring in the long run. In any case, you should not lose your concentration and stay focused on your goals. A real obstacle course to break records in the famous show “Twelve blows of noon, presented by Jean-Luc Reichmann for more than 10 years. We also remember candidates who over time no longer supported the pressure and preferred to put an end to the adventure.

When we understand better how it works, and the efforts that must be made to manage to maintain itself for long months, the feat only seems greater. But on the other hand, the adrenaline that this permanent competition provokes can become a real addiction. The future will tell us, if the young woman named Caroline, who is now in her 11th victory, has left to follow in the footsteps of the great champions in the history of Twelve strokes of noon.

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