Jean-Marc Nollet: “The note of the preformers is not designed for the Greens but the liberals”


The co-president of Ecolo discusses the reasons for his party’s refusal to take part in federal negotiations.

Jean-Marc Nollet was the political guest of La Premiere this Wednesday morning. He returned to Ecolos refusal, under current conditions, to take part in negotiations aimed at forming a federal government. “There were some interesting elements in the note, particularly in social matters” recognizes the co-president of Ecolo.

“But there are also a lot of shortcomings, for example in terms of climate and environmental issues which are taken over in the background and without any ambition. This was a note for a formula without the greens. ”

Was this a fake invitation? For Jean-Marc Nollet, “you would have to ask the two missionaries, what they imagined as a starting point. For my part, it was I think useful to watch the content. ”

“In short, it was the antechamber of confederalism in matters of justice, police, employment, security. The list of articles for the revision of the Constitution was complete, all the articles were there ”he specifies about the note.

“We were able to hear from their proposals, and we responded that it was not at all the basis for a formula with the Greens. This note was not designed to build a majority with the Greens but with the Liberals, ”he adds.

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