Johnny Hallyday is “violently dezinger” by the attacks of Jean-Baptiste Guegan. “Squeaky” words


Jean-Baptiste Guegan is a French singer nicknamed Johnny Junior. Indeed, it is overwhelming for fans of Johnny Hallyday to hear him sing. Because he is known to be his vocal double. But, at 38, and since the death of Johnny Hallyday, Jean-Baptiste Guegan seems to be dreaming of emancipation. Indeed, he has his own universe but his voice remains that of the most famous rocker in France. Difficult in his conditions not to remain tender in all circumstances when he speaks about this. Some will then see a direct attack on Johnny Hallyday in the recent considerations of Jean-Baptiste Guegan. He will indeed affirm that according to him, since Marie, Johnny Hallyday one flourished more in music.

Jean-Baptiste Guegan creates controversy among fans of the Hallyday clan

Jean-Baptiste Guegan will keep his words with detachment. Indeed, this is only his humble opinion. But fans of the legend will certainly see it differently. Because, to say that Johnny Hallyday has not flourished since he left Marie, it is also to say that he is no longer the master of his discipline for a long time. So, a personal attack or a simple remark?

Maybe even an attempt to find its place? Jean-Baptiste Guegan will spill a lot of ink following such comments. Despite the controversies that this could generate, the 38-year-old singer is trying to make himself understood. Indeed, for him, Johnny Hallyday is supposed to be the undisputed king of his category. However, the French song will recognize better albums to other artists of its time.

Jean-Baptiste Guegan then affirms that Michel Berger or Jean-Jacques Goldman are well above. Was Johnny Hallyday in decline since the release of Marie ? Would this have a relationship with his relationship with Laeticia Hallyday? So many questions that fans of the legend will ask themselves following these comments. And the debate remains open. However, it will be difficult for fans to remain objective when Johnny Hallyday’s name is mentioned. Indeed, how to criticize a man who has more than 82 albums to his credit? In addition over 52 years of career? It is unthinkable for fans to believe that Johnny Hallyday was not fulfilled in his music.

Accusing or revealing words?

For Jean-Baptiste Guegan, it is very clear. But for fans and connoisseurs of the history of French song, the talent of Johnny Hallyday remains undisputed and impossible to dethrone. In addition, it should be noted that Jean-Baptiste Guegan tends to distance himself from Johnny Hallyday. Indeed, he would like to be recognized for his talents more than for his vocal resemblance to the star.

And who could blame him? So, repeatedly, he claims that he looks nothing like his vocal double. This case is going to make a lot of noise. And once again, Jean-Baptiste Guegan will benefit, positively or negatively, from the press around Johnny Hallyday. As for the veracity of the words he puts forward, he repeats that it is only what he thinks. Everyone is therefore free to express themselves on this subject. And it’s a safe bet that Johnny Hallyday fans will not let that go.

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