Kanye West insists, “I’m fine”


Kanye West is speaking again on Twitter and for him everything is fine.

Kanye West, who has bipolar disorder, is still at his ranch in Wyoming preparing are album “DONDA” he’s been teasing for several days. Although his wife Kim Kardashian went there in order to have a conversation with him and help him, she finally came home empty-handed to The Angels.

The rapper insists, he’s fine. This Friday, July 31, he spoke again on social networks and mentioned again his first meeting in South Carolina where he ended up in tears : “I cried when I thought about aborting my first child and everyone is so worried about me. I worry about those who think it is wrong to cry about it.” Ye thinks that abortion is a topic that should move everyone and therefore her tears are largely justified.

Moreover, he claims that he is right and that the world is trying to discredit him with the method “4 D’s”, as he calls it. Kanye explains : “There’s the 4 D technique, distract, discredit, quit, destroy. I’m fine. Take a second and think about that.”

His behavior on social networks since this famous meeting questioned everyone about his state of health and especially his relatives. Besides, Yeezy did not spare them in his tweets by accusing his mother-in-law of being white supremacist or by saying that he and Kim wanted a divorce because of an alleged relationship with Meek Mill. Since, Kanye West apologized publicly out of respect to his wife but it appears he still refuses to follow her advice.

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