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The transitional provisional superior prosecutor Rocio Gala Galvez has been appointed as head of the Unit for International Judicial Cooperation and Extraditions of the National Prosecutor’s Office, replacing the resigning Celia Goicochea Ruiz.

The Cooperation Unit is a key instance in the investigations related to the Lava Jato case, not only because it processes the information requirements of the Special Team, but also from the authorities of the countries involved in the investigations, so the appointment of Rocio Gala has raised concern.

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According to sources from the Public Ministry, Rocio Gala is part of the environment of the Supreme Prosecutor Tomas Galvez Villegas, recently suspended from his duties for six months by the National Board of Justice (JNJ), due to his serious connection to the case of “Los Cuellos Whites ”.

Galvez is also known precisely for his comments and actions against the Special Team in the Lava Jato case, and for his close relationship with former Nation prosecutor Pedro Chavarry Vallejos, also involved in the “Los Collars Blancos del Puerto” case. Chavarry at the time removed the coordinator of the Special Team from the investigations, Rafael Vela Beard, and the prosecutor Jose Domingo Perez, in order to have the investigations under his control.

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Galvez falsely claimed that Vela and Perez were “operators” of the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht.

Photographs of the designated prosecutor Rocio Gala appear on social networks in intimate meetings with the supreme prosecutor Tomas Galvez and other members of his environment, such as prosecutors Walter Delgado Tovar, Mayda Mori Anto and Ricardo Rojas Leon.

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Tomas Galvez is investigated by a series of telephone conversations with ex-supreme spokesman Cesar Hinostroza Pariachi, dialogues recorded as part of the case “The White Necks of the Port”, A corruption network of judges and prosecutors.

Precisely in one of the audios held by the Public Ministry, Tomas Galvez is heard interceding before Cesar Hinostroza on behalf of the prosecutor Walter Delgado, who was facing a trial for family violence to the detriment of his spouse: “A favor to complete the chamba, what Waltercito (Delgado), to see if you support him. The woman is screwing it up, ”Tomas Galvez is heard to say.

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Coincidentally, prosecutors Rocio Gala and Walter Delgado appear in meetings with Tomas Galvez, and also in other images Gala and Delgado, as evidence of the shared friendship.

By the way, Walter Delgado also has an audio of “Los Cuellos Blancos” in conversation with Cesar Hinostroza himself on a topic “that cannot be spoken on the phone”. Delgado would later say that it was supposedly an academic matter.

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For the superior prosecutor Rocio Gala GalvezHis relationships with the Supreme Prosecutor Tomas Galvez and the Prosecutor Walter Delgado are limited to the professional sphere.

“The link I have with prosecutors Tomas Galvez and Walter Delgado is merely professional. With the public prosecutor Delgado we are from the same promotion to enter the Public Ministry. And with the doctor Tomas GalvezAlthough he has my last name, we are not family, but I know him because he is also a professor at the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos and writes books. I am Sanmarquina. I do not remember if he has been my teacher directly from the Master’s, but he has taught us many courses as a guest teacher in the same school of the Public Ministry. I tell him that the links are only those, ”explained Rocio Gala.

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Confidential information circulates through the International Judicial Cooperation and Extraditions Unit of the National Prosecutor’s Office, such as statements by effective collaborators and protected witnesses, nationals and foreigners, as well as bank reports on account movements of those investigated. That a person close to Galvez and Delgado assume leadership, has generated some suspicion.

“It is a totally unfounded suspicion. I come from an Organized Crime Prosecutor’s Office and I have no greater relationship with either Dr. Tomas Galvez or Dr. Walter Delgado, beyond respect because they are prosecutors who work at the institution. I come from a specialized unit where I investigate various crimes against organized crime, ”argued Superior Prosecutor Rocio Gala.

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