LeBron James: “I don’t think the basketball community is really sad to hear that Trump is no longer watching basketball”


“Disgraceful”, which can be translated as “Shameful” or “Dishonoring”. This is the term used by Donald Trump to describe the attitude of NBA players and coaches who kneel during the national anthem.

« When I see people kneeling down while playing, disrespecting our flag and our anthem, I turn off the television Replied the President of the United States on the Fox & Friends program. ” I find that shameful. We work with the NBA. We gave our all so that they could replay. I insisted that they can resume. And when I see everyone on their knees during the anthem, I find that unacceptable. When I see this, I turn off the television. I have no interest in the game. And let me tell you, a lot of people think like me. And if I’m wrong I’ll lose the election. »

Words that make you smile in the NBA, and in particular LeBron James. ” I don’t think the basketball community is really sad to hear that they don’t watch basketball anymore. That’s all I have to say. I already know where it will take me tomorrow, and I don’t wanna get into this little game. »

Same answer from Doc Rivers. ” Okay… we lost a spectator. So what ? Frankly, I don’t care. We know that justice is on our side. Right, right? For me, what is “shameful” is that our president tries to prevent us from voting. »

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