“Let’s stop the circus”, “stop invectives” … how are the parties reacting after the abandonment of Magnette / De Wever?


Some parties and party presidents reacted on Twitter. Egbert Lachaert, president of the Open Vld, expresses his disappointment by retweeting his chief of staff: “We have called for serious negotiations on a purple-yellow government. Apparently we couldn’t. Disappointment.

On the French-speaking side, Maxime Prevot, president of the cdH, expresses his regret over the failure of this mission and declares that his party is still available for other negotiations.

Vlaams Belang drives the point home: new elections

Leading in the latest polls, Vlaams Belang posted a poster on Twitter: “Stop the circus. New elections now.”

It should be noted in passing that the visual identity quite close to the graphics used by the PTB in these campaigns.

Monday, Paul Magnette should propose to the sovereign to return their apron to make room for others. All eyes then turn to the Greens and the Liberals. The Open VLD and Groen are available, no reaction for the moment from Ecolos side.

La journaliste politique du Latest News, Isolde Van den Eynde analysis: “Let’s wait and see if this really happens. But if the Greens take the lead – and they want it – it will be the first time in this long training. The question is whether the Liberals want to enter the arena neck and neck with the Greens.

Other Internet users prefer humor and make original proposals: “Rent a chalet in the Ardennes, without wifi and without network. Put all the party presidents there and let them go home only when they have a government.”

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