Lili Reinhart (Riverdale) is tortured young woman in Chemical Hearts trailer


The first trailer for the movie Chemical Hearts starring Lili Reinhart and Austin Abrams has been unveiled.

She had announced it a few weeks ago with happiness, Lili Reinhart will soon be showing in the film Chemical Hearts. Exit the mysteries and the incredible intrigues of Riverdale, this time the young woman lends her features to Grace Town, a young woman who sees her life turned upside down after an accident. As she arrives in a new high school, she meets another student, Henry, who if we believe the trailer, falls almost immediately under his spell. But Grace has her own battles to fight and struggles to find herself.

Chemical Hearts on August 21 on Amazon Prime – Credit (s): Amazon prile

Without really without realizing, Grace will offer Henry a new outlook on life, full of dreams, passion and opportunities: he will live his first love.. Lili Reinhart not only stars in the film, but also slips into the shoes of a producer. Chemical Hearts was announced for August 21 on Amazon Prime US and we hope that the French release will coincide. In the meantime, we reveal everything you need to know about season 5 of Riverdale which promises to be once again rich in twists!

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